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Let’s Dust This Off

We’re in the midst of a very interesting time to be a Minnesota sports fan.  The Vikings are coming off one of the worst seasons in franchise history and there’s still a chance, it has become slim, but they might become the L.A. Vikings.  The team has also just made some moves in the first round of the NFL Draft last night as they try to take a step forward on the field and off it with local politicians.  The Twins are finally in a new stadium, which may be old news at this point.  They also share something with the Viking and that is being one of the worst teams their respective professional league.  There is definitely a theme in this town as the Wild and Wolves are also near the bottom in the NHL and NBA.  Between these four teams, the Wolves are the only one showing a sign of life.

Since my last post on Fire David Kahn a lot has changed.  We’ve seen Brett Favre come and go and in between, lead us within a first down of the Super Bowl.  The Twins have gone from a perennial playoff team to a doormat, the Wild are still the Wild and as I said, the Wolves are finally respectable.  The one constant has been David Kahn’s ineptitude.  He got Rubio here, so he’s done something good, but he also drafted Johnny Flynn, Wes Johnson, signed Darko, went cheap on resigning Kevin Love and regardless of the hope, he’s still assembled a roster full of players who have no idea how to win.

One reason why I stopped writing this blog a few years back was because there are only so many ways you can say, David Kahn is an idiot.   It got old and we got bored, so this time around we’re going to broaden our horizons and step into the world of pop culture and even book publicity.  We’re going to talk about the Vikings stadium, the Wolves off-season, the Vikings off-season, The Twins and yes, we’ll still discuss why Kahn isn’t an NBA caliber GM.  We’ll dip our ink into what is happening in the world of pop culture and for those hopeful authors, you will get some advice on how to sell a book.


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