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NBA Playoffs are the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For a lot of sports fans, the NBA playoffs don’t rank atop their list of the best sporting events each the year, but for me, they are the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s the drama, eighth seeds knocking off one seeds, watching players elevate their game and take their team on deep runs.  Last year it was Dirk and the Mavericks and this year it will be LeBron James.

It’s hard to have one of the greatest seasons in NBA history and do so quietly, but that is how he wanted to do it.  He stayed out of the spotlight and locked himself in the gym instead.    The Heat are days away from taking care of the Knicks and from there, with Derrick Rose out, the path back to the Finals is relatively easy.  But will LeBron step up and become one of the great?  I think he will.  He hasn’t given me any evidence to think this way other than the “Witness” series against Detroit all those years ago, but just like Dirk last year, it feels like it is his time.


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