I’ve decided to bring this blog back to life.  One reason why I stopped writing this blog a few years back was because there are only so many ways you can say, David Kahn is an idiot.   It got old and we got bored, so this time around we’re going to broaden our horizons and step into the world of pop culture and even book publicity.  We’re going to talk about the Vikings stadium, the Wolves off-season, the Vikings off-season, The Twins and yes, we’ll still discuss why Kahn isn’t an NBA caliber GM.  We’ll dip our ink into what is happening in the world of pop culture and for those hopeful authors, you will get some advice on how to sell a book.


7 responses to “About

  1. Bill

    This site has terrible grammar and horseshit design.

  2. Courtside

    So the honeymoon for Kahn is over already? 🙂

    • Kevin Finley

      I think it should be. A lot of this falls on Taylor and he’s not going anywhere, so someone has take the blame. Plus, Kahn looks like a used car salesman.

  3. Read up on the latest I translated straight from spanish media outlets visit my blog

    DKV Joventut is not convinced by the Wolves’ offer

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    • Kevin Finley

      Good translation! I’m not surprised by the Rubio situation. I’m surprised that the Wolves didn’t do a better job investigating the situation. Nice work on the blog.

  4. at home we have a use car that is a Nissan Murano. i love it “

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