Let’s Vote

Monday is ten years in the making for the Minnesota Vikings as the state will finally have the long-awaited vote on a new stadium.  With Republicans in control of the Legislator and not many of them behind Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposed plan that relies on tax revenue from gambling, approval to build a stadium is far from a sure thing.

House speaker Kurt Zeller has already made his intentions clear by stating he will vote against it.  He was also quoted as saying, “”The fate of the stadium is now in the governor’s hand.”

This quote is on the heels of Zeller and fellow Republican’s alternative approach to building a stadium, which consisted of a reduced state share and paying for it with income and sales tax backed construction bonds.

I know high-profile bills can turn into bargaining chips for lawmakers seeking support for their own priorities.  I also understand that Republicans don’t want a stadium deal to be seen as a win for Dayton, but as a Minnesotan, I held out hope that political agendas and differences could be put aside for the betterment of the state.  Quotes from rep Zeller make it hard to believe Republicans will be able to move past hurt feelings, avoid acting like a child and do something the majority of the state wants to happen.

We’ll all know the answer to the stadium issue on Monday, but as a Vikings fan and having a lack of faith in local government, I’m ready to start calling them the Los Angeles Vikings.


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