Give Me a B for Vikings

Draft grades are nearly impossible to give out, because no matter how much film or game tape one has on a player, they don’t know how that is going to translate into the next level.  There are too many examples of players who are still on the board in the later rounds that end up being great for anyone to say, this team or that team has had a good or bad draft moments after it happens.   We can only assess a team’s draft after those late round surprises and first round busts sort themselves out over the next few years.

In saying that, I would give the Vikings a B after the first two days of the draft.  It’s tough to give them credit for Matt Kalil, but it is easy to give Spielman credit for high-jacking a few extra picks from Cleveland and drafting the guy they wanted all along.  In the Brown’s defense, they had the extra picks and if Richardson was their guy, why not make sure you get him.

I also give Spielmen credit for using those extra picks to jump into the end of the first round and just like what Cleveland did, the Vikings made sure they got the guy they wanted.  Unlike Cleveland, Harrison Smith most likely would have been available when the Vikings drafted in the second round.

The corner back they grabbed (Josh Robinson) in round three is supposed to be the fastest defensive back in the draft.  Though, as a Vikings fan, we all know speed does not equal success.  Does the name Troy Williamson ring a bell?  We’ve been told the Vikings didn’t reach on Robinson and actually got some great value with the pick.  So three picks in, what do we know about the Vikings draft after two days?  The additions look good on paper and Spielmen’s been patted on the back for his moves. What don’t we know?  Everything else, but speculating is too much fun to pass up.


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