He loves me…He loves me not

David Kahn spent the past few days meeting with DKV Joventut about a potential buyout of Ricky Rubio’s contract.  In those same few days, Rubio was quoted as saying his basketball future was with the Timberwolves.  He used the word Timberwolves—it was for the first time.

There was a glimmer of hope of the impossible happening.  Kahn was working on a deal on the buyout.  Rubio gushed about the Wolves pursuit.  He liked us.  Rubio wanted to be a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

Kahn reached an agreement with DKV Joventut.  He did it.  Kahn somehow made those 500,000 stretch and finagle and morph into an attractive buyout.  I wanted to hug Kahn. 

Rubio pulled out.  Rubio turned down the contract offer.  He was going to play in the NBA no matter this coming season. He wants to stay in Spain and play for Barcelona.   He doesn’t feel ready to play in the NBA.   He turned down the Timberwolves offer.  He’s Ricky Rubio; he’s not like anyone else.  He’s flattered by the Wolves and their willingness to stand by him.  He turned down the Timberwolves contract offer.

Rubio has no interest in playing for the Timberwolves.



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2 responses to “He loves me…He loves me not

  1. minny

    Rubio is a little bitch that can’t leave home. Hey Rubio–cut the cord dude. He will never wear a T-Wolves uniform. David Kahn sucks…

  2. Joseph

    I hate you Kahn. I HATE YOU.

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