Rubio’s Coming!

The Timberwolves have shipped Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith and Mark Madsen to the Los Angeles Clippers for Quentin Richardson.  The move comes on the same day Kahn flew to Spain to discuss the buyout of Rubio’s contract—coincidence?

 “This is not a precursor of any sort,” Kahn said Monday from New York shortly before he was scheduled to hop a flight across the Atlantic. “We have no feel yet as to whether Ricky will be joining us.”   

According to Kahn the moves were made to bring better balance to the roster.  A roster he he blew up for the fifth overall pick.  A pick Kahn stated that he doesn’t have feel for.  So if he doesn’t know Rubio’s status with the Wolves than why would he trade the starting point guard? 

The Wolves clearly didn’t have the best starting five in the league and Smith only started parts of the season, but wouldn’t a GM want more value for four starters than Quinton Richardson and a player whose future is up in the air? 

Rubio has to be coming, right?  No GM would give up the majority of his starters for an uncertainty and a mediocre player—would they?   I mean that would be foolish and Kahn isn’t fool.


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  1. KC Finley

    The talk downtown is that the T-Wolves plan to trade Richardson. How about this? – Richardson and Rubio to the Knicks for – Patrick Ewing.

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