Could the Shimmy Shake Be Back?


NBA legend and former Timberwolves great Antoine Walker is facing three felony counts.   Prosecutors are claiming that Walker failed to make good on ten checks totaling $1 million dollars, written to The Red Rocks Resort, Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood.

It was reported in the Las Vegas Sun that Walker has paid $178,000 of the million, but there is still $822,500 in uncollected debt.   The good news for Walker is that there is a team who could really use his services.  New Timberwolves GM, David Kahn wants to make the Wolves an up tempo team and if you look at the Wolves roster, Walker would be a great fit.  He’s slow, doesn’t pass very often, can’t jump very well, isn’t quick (outside of the shimmy shake) and isn’t all that big on hustling.  Perfect!   He’s already played for the Wolves once and his star power would cause a spike in ticket sales.  You can’t see it?  Neither can I.  If the Wolves are going to be a running team, don’t they need players who are known for getting up and down the floor?  Maybe Kahn is tricking all of us and he plan isn’t clear yet.  Maybe, but my hunch is, he envisions Love being one of the streakers on a fast break, which should be as interesting and entertaining as when Madsen chucked up about 15 threes a few years ago.


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