Allen Iverson is a Timberwolf?


It may read as a ludicrous statement.  You may be asking yourselves, why would the Wolves go after Iverson at this stage of his career?  Well, OK, the more important question would be, why would Iverson want to play for the Wolves?  There’s no KG and no hope of winning, so why would an NBA veteran, who is at the end of his career play for a bottom feeder like the Wolves.

Its simple, Iverson is selfish and doesn’t really care about winning, so the fact that the Wolves have one good player on their roster doesn’t dissuade a player like Iverson.   AI doesn’t see himself for who he is in reality, a sixth man for a team that will make a championship run.  He still sees himself as the guy who led the league in scoring and dribble faked Jordan out of his shoes.

These are the reasons why Iverson makes sense for the Wolves and so why would the team want an aging star who doesn’t help them win.  He still carries star power.  He still has a marquee name and marquee names sell tickets, something the Timberwolves haven’t done since trading the Big Ticket.

Playing in Minnie would give AI the chance to do what he does best, shoot and shoot often.  He may not be the most exciting player in the league anymore, but he’ll bring a few highlight type games next season and I can’t remember the last time one of those happened.  KG’s game in 2004 versus the Kings?  Iverson officially fell into the Wolves lap after he stated that he would not come off the bench.  Memphis would be his only other option and who would you rather play for?  Or should I say who would you rather play with.  Pass heavy and a little top heavy Kevin Love “handles” and Al Jefferson or selfish, treats passing like kryptonite OJ Mayo and lucky to be in the NBA Michael Conley?  I haven’t even mentioned that he would be able to teach our two young guards how to play off the ball, defend two’s and score a lot of points—after he is gone of course.  Is there a better way to look forward to a 25 win season than knowing one of the greatest scorers in NBA history is on your roster?


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