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What to do with Rubio?

David Kahn

Now that the dust has settled and some of the shock that comes with drafting back-to-back point guards has worn off, we can look at what the Wolves have or maybe what they don’t have.  I wouldn’t be worried in the least bit had it been a team like the Spurs who pulled this off.  Jovial would be a much better word, because you’d know there was something about to happen.  But the Wolves are who made this move and their track record is quite the opposite of the Spurs.  Then, when you have a guy like Khan making decisions, fans should be downright frightened.

Kahn has wavered since draft day about his reasoning for making the two picks, which tells me he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He started off by saying his vision was for them to play in the same backcourt which seemed odd, because neither of them is a scoring guard and they are both small.  Flynn is a good defender, but at 6 feet could he handle a two? He retracted this statement after the draft commentators questioned his ability to access talent.  Chad Ford went so far as saying that he didn’t think Kahn knew what he was doing. Here’s the link

His next statement completely backed off the first, making one scratch their head even more. He said he expected Rubio to stay in Spain for another year, which was why he drafted Flynn.  Rubio was repeatedly quoted as saying he wants to play next year in the league.  Even if he stays in Spain the pick still defies logic, because why would you use a 6th overall pick on a one-year band-aid?  Don’t most teams use the mid level exception for that.

I can’t totally rip Kahn, because he’s done a nice job of making it sound like there is no way he’ll trade Rubio.  He’s telling the media that the Wolves are going to wait the Rubio situation out and more recently has gone back to his vision of the Flynn Rubio backcourt.  The fact that the Wolves have Rubio gives them some leverage and keeps them in control of the situation.  But the problem Kahn has is everyone knows his backcourt vision makes no sense, making him either an idiot or full it.  My guess is that he trades Rubio to the Knicks for a lump of coal, but it’s hard to predict what the Kahn-Man might do.



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The Ghost of McHale

The Timberwolves were under the bright lights on Thursday with the entire league watching in anticipation as to what they were going to do with their four first round picks and in typical Wolves fashion they didn’t disappoint. They drafted three point guards with those first four picks, traded one of the picks (Ty Lawson) for future consideration and used the pick they got from Washington to select a guy that has no interest in playing for the Timberwolves. I think next year they should do a fan appreciate deal, where one lucky fan gets to do the drafting for the Wolves–I can’t image it being any worse.

David Kahn has had some memorable quotes over the past few days, trying to explain his draft day moves. My favorite being “None of us really know what we were doing.”

The solution is to fire Kahn now and save what little face the Wolves have. They can then rip Kahn and figure out what they are going to do with Rubio and Flynn.

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